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Benefits of
People Intelligence

Our unique software helps you move the pieces of your business in the most efficient way at the lowest cost possible.

And remember, cost is not just money. It's also your time, your energy and your employee engagement.

We help you take the right decisions at the right time.

Deep Knowledge

Of the current state of your business, at all moments from a global view to a granular one.

Efficient Information

Have the right information at the right time, provided to you by the relevant people for the relevant problem, obstacle or challenge.


Our people Engagement method is individual and individualistic to serve your business as a whole. Our Engagement meter will alarm you at the right time and help you take action as soon as you should.

People Centric

Grow your company in a human centric way, adapting your processes to the way People get things done, and do it quicker.

Skill Tree

Have a deep knowledge of the skills at your disposal. Your company is formed of Skills necessary for its success that just happen to be carried by People.


Know who your most impactful people are. And remember, impact is not always driven by KPI's and OKR's, we help you see who your enablers are.

People Intelligence
Stands for

We have spent a major part of our professional lives in corporate environments. We worked as Executives, High Level Managers, Human Ressources Executives. And as those responsibilities entail different preocupation, they all share a common problem:

Access to Information.

That is why People Intelligence is not a Data Collection software. Information is not Data, we give context and objectives to Data which is how we uncover our Intelligence. Intelligence is only created by People and that is why we exist:

To help you - CEO, Executive, HR Manager, Finance Director, Merger & Acquisition Consultant, Manager and Employee - have access to the right information at the right time so that you make the right decisions.

Our Programs


Executive Suite



Some of the Features

1 / Value Chain Views

Our Value Chain Models help you make the right decisions at the right time using our Triple Source Reporting methods.

2 / Triple Source Reporting

To feed your value chain with accurate information, we bring context to your regular raw data and turn it into intelligence, mixed with performance metrics you know exactly where your priceless focus should be.

3 / Efficient Talent Mobility

Once you identify your focus areas, it's time to move the right people to the right place at the right time in a couple of clicks.


Our Team

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